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Welcome to, your quintessential site for audio books featuring supersexy fiction. And when we say supersexy, we mean super AND sexy! All our fiction caters to fans of (super) Girl Power and features stories of woman -- some good, some bad -- with powers and abilities far beyond those of normal folk. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look around at the stories we have in our library. And remember to check back, as we are constantly adding new audio titles to our inventory!

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When Audrey is inadvertently exposed to some experimental technology by her lab partner, Brian, she suddenly begins to change. When she discovers Brian's involvement and the catalyst for her rapid evolution, will she accept her superhuman progression as a gift or view it as betrayal?

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Sam is one of the least powerful heroes on her team. But after multiple encounters with a group of powerful alien overlords, Sam seems drawn to them as she starts becoming impossibly strong, breathtakingly sexy, and completely invulnerable. What is happening to her?

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Super Me: Chapter VII

Becoming entrenched as the city's resident superheroine and the internet's latest social media sensation, Lindsey reflects on her recent superheroics -- albeit with a bit of collateral damage -- and makes a decision to seek out professionals with her with the Super Lindsey brand!

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Newest Arrivals

Human Clay

Smarter. Sexier. More athletic. Jenny Clay has always wished she were any of those things. But can she find a way to turn the tables on the lecherous boss who is attempting to make her into his next trophy wife and become the smart, sexy, athletic woman of her own fantasies?

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Camilla, known to the world as Hypergirl, starts attending a new school—one which Violet rules with an iron fist. When Hypergirl puts Violet in her place, she believes she's put an end to her reign. But what happens when Violet begins to eclipse the world’s most powerful superhero?

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Milena's Diary: Chapter 1

She was just your everyday niece of a top mafia boss until the day she met a genie in a cave. Now she's a superhuman sex bomb. Unfortunately for her enemies, she likes to keep scores. Fortunately for us, she also likes to keep a diary detailing her new superhuman exploits.

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In a Class Of Her Own: Ch 4

Part four! Her plans in shambles, our snarky, irreverent heroine is now at the mercy of yet another, and even more powerful girl. Lilly is clever, however, and just might manage to put herself in a position to regain her perch at the top of the school's superhuman hierarchy.

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A Day At The Office

When mysteriously sexy femme fatale Evelyn walks into private investigator Murphy's office, he's in for an action-packed rumble with a vampire clan that he won't soon forget. 2019 Quill Award Winner for Best Romance/Love Short Story over at

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In a Class Of Her Own: Ch 3

Armed with unexpected knowledge about Fiona, Lilly works with Liam to set her plan into motion. Ready to take down the powerful girl once and for all, Liam makes an unexpected decision that will turn Lilly's plan on its head in this new, exciting chapter.

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