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Seizing the Moment: Part 3

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Lucy is a smart, gorgeous and playful 19-year-old girl who is studying to become an engineer. Her world (and ours) is rocked when after a night of wild partying she wakes up at the beach, with a terrible hangover and completely naked. The problem is that this is not everything that happened to them: she is also gigantic!

Understandably, Lucy is initially shocked, but she will gradually get used to the possibilities of her new size and let her playful side take over. Thankfully, she has decided to tell us about her adventure.

The story has been written in first person and masterfully narrated by Shennychwan, a very talented voice actress.

This is Chapter 3, where Lucy gets into the city and starts using her size and strength in a more "carefree" way, finding out that being a giantess may be a little freakish, but it is also a source of great fun and empowerment as she discovers she is nearly unstoppable.

It is 26 minutes long. It also contains the text document in PDF.



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Approx. Runtime:

26 mins


giantess, growth, bad girl