Audiobooks For Fans of Sexy, Superpowered Women


Conceptfan's ubergirl stories were some of the earliest in the genre and are some of the most read titles in the genre. Fortunately, for us, now he is starting to release a few on them on audio with added sound effects to help bombard our senses.

Though his writing pace has slowed over the years, CF remains a tour de force in the superwoman fiction space and is still writing today, albeit at a pace that gives his fans fits! CF still maintains his website,, which -- as its name implies -- is probably not gonna have many stories optioned for the Disney Channel.

When not writing, Conceptfan likes to spend his time away from writing.

Milena's Diary: Chapter 1

She was just your everyday niece of a top mafia boss until the day she met a genie in a cave. Now she's a superhuman sex bomb. Unfortunately for her enemies, she likes to keep scores. Fortunately for us, she also likes to keep a diary detailing her new superhuman exploits.

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