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Super Me: Chapter VIII

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Super Me is the story of Lindsey Palmer, a hot, arrogant and whimsical college student who accidentally gains superpowers through a case of mistaken identity. In this chapter, Lindsey explores the wonder of flight and starts to realize how powerful she really is!

This is Chapter 8, which is 30 minutes long and where Lindsey gets excited as her PR team starts working on a super-suit that can keep up with her super lifestyle. In the meantime, Lindsey's ex-boyfriend manages to piss her off on social media which prompts our new super girl to pay him an unannounced visit. While her ex might not be as excited to see her, Lindsey does her best to persuade him to help satisfy her superpowered libido as only she can!

Super Me is masterfully narrated by Shennychwan. This product includes the standard audio version of the story and a version with added FX. It also includes a PDF with the text version of the story.


Larafan & Papayoya

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30 mins


superpowers, flying, superstrength, superbreath, invulnerability, sexy, badgirl